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PIXEL – Where IoT meets the Port of the Future!

Pixel has received funding from the European’s Union Horizon 2020 research innovation program and SDAG is a technical partner for the Intermodal use-case together with the Port of Monfalcone and INSIEL spa.
PIXEL proposes a new conceptual and technology development relying on information sharing and IoT to achieve those objectives and ambitions.

Pillars established:

  • Enhancing the acquisition, processing and communication of operational data to be potentially gathered and leveraged for optimising multi-modal-ports activities;
  • Need of decreasing ports’ environmental impacts;
  • Enabling small and medium size ports to contend with the larger ones achieving flexible operations, better capacity management and empowering port-city relation by adequate technology enablers.
  • Innovation concept: bringing every port a step closer to the Port of the Future.